Collision Review: Crash and Burn

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COLLISION: Monday 9th November , ITV1, 9pm Alert Me

We have seen it over and over again.

The lives of strangers intertwine, be it on an island or in space.

And then of course, there is the highway. Collision is the latest crime drama series on ITV1.

DI John Tolin (Douglas Henshall), a bug-eyed and nervous bloke, has returned to the police force just in time to solve a tortuous road traffic accident. Beneath the crumpled cars are 10 beleaguered survivors. Remotely connected, they now share one defining moment — the collision. Cue melodramatic piano motif.

Described as “moving, tense, thrilling, compelling? by Collision writer Anthony Horowitz, part-one proves anything but. Despite a promise of “dangerous worlds? (i.e. government cover-ups, smuggling, torn relationships and murder), all we get are ordinary and predictable characters. The crooked survivor-secretary is a jumpy middle-aged woman whilst the stunning 23-year-old gal is [SPOILER ALERT] deceased from episode one. Killing off eye candy is never a good sign. [SPOILERS END]

The events leading up to the collision unfold before our eyes until each car slams into the other, creating a devastating heap on the highway. Flash to DI Tolin—“That’s a mess. All that information, and I can’t figure it out yet.? Well, we have.

Are we supposed to watch a drawn-out drama for four more episodes? I don’t think so.

Danielle Jacoby