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strictlyStrictly Come Dancing is off to Blackpool this weekend, but the contestants won’t have time to enter the sandcastle competition – they’ve got bigger fish to fry.

One pair who will be sweating bullets to avoid another dance-off are Flavia Cacace and actor Craig Kelly.

We were delighted when they took time out of their Jacko-like rehearsal schedule to chat to us about Brucey, Titanic and what the hell Craig’s Corrie character did with all Rosie’s money…

After being in the dance off twice, you’ve been described by some as the competition underdogs. You must be keen to shake-off that status…

CK– It’s a tough one because part of me likes the underdog tag, hopefully people might be rooting for us a little bit. I’m certainly keen to prove some of our critics wrong by working harder to reach my potential. I’ve done that in the training room, but I’m just not quite hitting it when it matters. However, I think the waltz was probably my best performance so far, so we’re getting closer. Now we’ve reached Blackpool I feel like the pressure is off a bit. I’m going to approach every dance as if it’s my last and start enjoying the experience.

Do you think that any of the judge’s comments have been unfair?

CK – I take it with a pinch of salt.

FC – I don’t think all of the comments have been fair, but they all disagree.

CK – Len has stuck up for us recently…

FC – But that’s what Strictly is all about, and a lot of them have been constructive comments, obviously there’s the odd one that we don’t really understand but that’s just part of the show.

CK – I think we’ve somehow got to get Bruno back on-side. He seemed to think that I had a bit of potential because he had been quite kind up until last weekend when he really started to turn the screw on me.

FC – I think he’s just trying to get the best from you…

CK – But its great TV, he says I can’t do it and then Len comes to my rescue. Craig Revel Horwood has always said ‘there’s a dancer hidden in there’ it’s just a matter of finding him.

FC – We had a slow start because of the nerves, but Craig can definitely dance. Every single week there’s a subtle improvement – which is maybe why the public are behind us.

If you don’t win the competition, who would be your tip to take the title?

CK – They’re all so good. Ricky Whittle is brilliant and definitely the one that everyone is trying to beat. He’s a nice hard-working lad so he’s the red-hot favourite. But this year there are so many good dancers. We don’t see ourselves in that sort of league, but we’re still here!

FC – Our original target was to get to Blackpool and we’ve achieved that, so from now on we’re just taking it one week at a time.

How difficult is it choosing the correct choreography? Are you tempted to keep it simple at this stage?

CK – (laughs) Have you ever kept it simple?

FC – To begin with it was quite difficult because the first couple of routines were challenging. But it’s not easy to pick choreography that you know will work well and look effective.

Have you considered throwing the odd back-flip into the routine?

CK – I can actually do the moonwalk really well but I was pipped to the post by Ricky!

Ricky Whittle actually said that he wanted to do a Hollyoaks musical, is there any chance of you appearing in a Coronation Street musical Craig?

CK – Hey why not? What a great idea. They talked about doing a Queer As Folk musical and I think these days you can make one out of anything. Corrie the musical would be rather brilliant, let’s get someone to write it and do the songs. I would be right up for that.

Can you tell us if there is any romance going on between any of the other contestants?

CK – (laughs) Of course – it’s all going on.

FC – We only really get to see them on a Friday and it’s a hectic day with costume fitting, press and then our time in the studio on the dance floor. When we do see them, everyone’s in their own corner and someone’s telling the other person off or whatever…We’re all the same really.

So you don’t get to spend much time with Brucie then?

CK – Unfortunately not.

FC – It’s a real shame because he’s so supportive. He’ll come up to you and offer you encouragement. He’s lovely.

CK – He’s a legend! Just the way you see him on TV.

After last weekend when Zoe Lucker left there was a bit of controversy because she was one of the better dancers. Do you think some people take it a bit too seriously?

CK – I think so, because it’s just supposed to be a bit of fun.

FC – Yeah it’s a fun family show. We get cards from small children who love it and letters from grandparents, it’s just about everyone enjoying themselves. It was sad when Zoe left because she was very good. But that’s Strictly, so unless you take away the public vote it’s always going to be like that.

CK – But that’s what makes it interesting. At the end of the day it’s a TV show.

FC – Only a small percentage of the public have real experience of ballroom. Even some of the judges don’t have a ballroom background

Craig, your Corrie character (Luke Strong) recently left the street with a load of Rosie’s money. Are we going to be seeing you again or is Luke gone for good?

CK – Never say never, but I’ve not got any plans to come back at the moment. He was a bit of a chancer wasn’t he Lukey boy – so I don’t think you’ll be seeing him any time soon…

We’ll have to console ourselves by enjoying your fantastic cameo in Titanic a couple more times…

CK – Yeah at the time I was only 26 and I got to spend three months in Mexico. That was great.

But without your character the other ship wouldn’t have turned up to save (some of) the passengers…

CK – That’s true and if they’d listened to my character in the first place they wouldn’t have hit the iceberg because he was trying to give them the ice warnings! In reality, they didn’t get as many warnings as they should have because they were sending out private messages. In fact my character sent the first ever SOS in history. I was quite proud of that.

Sean Marland

When he left Weatherfield, Craig passed up his last chance of winning a prize in the prestigious OTB Soap Awards ™. He didn’t say so, but we could tell he was gutted…