Radio: Vernon Kaye To Replace Moyles?

November 4, 2009 by  
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You spend ages waiting for a radio news story and then two come along at once!

Last Thursday we reported the sad death of Archers legend Norman Painting and this week we can bring you news of another radio icons demise.

Chris Moyles, the self-styled “savior of Radio 1” seems set to get the boot from his breakfast slot next summer after he managed to lose 700,000 listeners in just three months.

TV presenter and all-round lovely bloke Vernon Kaye is thought to be the favourite to replace the tubby loud-mouth.

If he does get the job, morning listeners can expect to hear more than one song per hour for the first time in five years.

A senior (and very candid) BBC radio source said: “Moyles is still the saviour of Radio One, but he will go sooner rather than later.”

thomas peters says:

I’m afraid to tell you that this sounds like more tabloid crap. Any article with the words believed as in “The BBc are believed to be…” or ‘a source is believed to have said” has no credibility. Who is this source? Name them sara nathan and paul (ugh) revoir