X Factor: ‘Twins As Good As Madonna’ Says Louis

November 3, 2009 by  
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louis_walsh_1767904To the untrained eye, Louis Walsh looks like a normal bloke.

But as OTB can reveal, the Irish music boss is actually losing his marbles faster than John and Edward get through hair gel.

The X Factor judge made a series of outlandish and offensive statements last night, and even claimed that his twin protégés were as good as Madonna.

“I think the twins can win it,? he said before losing the plot completely.

“They’re not the best singers or dancers but they’re brilliant entertainers. Who cares whether they’re good singers or not? Madonna and Kylie aren’t the best singers either but, like the twins, they are great entertainers.?

“Every kid in every family is rooting for them. The kids like them and their parents don’t and they can rebel against the by voting for them,? he explained to the Daily Mirror.

We remember when TV presenters used to tell kids to ask permission from whoever pays the bill.

Bring back the good old days….