X Factor: Did Twins Get 2 Chances? ‘Fix’ Claims Grow

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twinsFar be it from us here at OTB to sensationalise the news – but we can report that there is a massive conspiracy in place for the twins to win X Factor (possibly).

After whispers started yesterday surrounding a mysterious line-up switch on Saturday, fears grew this morning when The Sun reported that the twins were given TWO shots at the pre-show auditions.

Viewers previously believed that John and Edward won their place at the Glasgow audition last May, but footage from an Irish TV programme clearly shows the pair at the London auditions three days earlier.

The video has sparked calls of a fix from YouTube users who claim the twins were handpicked to win this years X Factor before it even began!

One furious fan said: “It says on the X Factor that John and Edward auditioned at Glasgow, but clearly in this video you can see they are auditioning in London. It’s a set up.”

Meanwhile an X Factor spokeswoman last night denied any kind of conspiracy involving the twins.

“There is always a pre-audition in front of the judges. They did a pre-audition in London then were asked to audition for the judges.

“They were given a choice of Glasgow or London. They couldn’t make London so they went to Glasgow.”


Reckon that’s odd? That’s not the only thing – did you hear the story about the ITV bosses being accused of plotting for the Twins to win or the recent news that they could actually end up cleaning out one of the UK’s biggest bookies? Otherwise, click here for all the latest X Factor News….

N8 says:

Now that was funny!

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One word to the above commenter: EW. EW EW EW EW EW .

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they look like jimmy neutron but believe me id give em a go 😉