Gordon Ramsay’s F Word Review: The Eggs Factor

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4GORDON RAMSAY’S F WORD: Tuesday 3rd November, Channel 4, 9pm Alert Me

So after getting his face botoxed on the orders of Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsay is back on TV – and there’s still not a swear-jar in sight.

The Scottish chef has obviously grown tired of shouting at American novices and has recruited his old friend Janet Street-Porter to help him step back into his own kitchen.

But as we all know, these days you can’t make a normal cooking show, you have to go on a road-trip, buy a cottage by a river or declare war on Tescos before channel bosses will even take you seriously – Gary Rhodes never saw it coming.

Ramsay is no exception to this modern rule and in this opening episode we find out that this series will be dedicated to finding the best restaurants in the country.

These nominees will then be whittled down until Gordon invites a couple of chefs to take part in a final cook-off – this week it’s all about the Italian restaurants.

If this all seems vaguely familiar then don’t worry, you’ll be reminded of X Factor plenty of times before the end of this programme.

It seems that Ramsay and Cowell chatted about more than facials as they massaged each other on that yacht last summer and there is one moment of pure parody when Ramsay tells a restauranteer that he has made it to the final (cue some annoying Take That music).

The cook-off itself is quite entertaining and there are some comical moments when one of the chef’s brothers refuses to pay for the other contestant’s venison, which Sir Gordon himself described as “a harmony?.

There are also some good pieces here for pure foodies and Ramsay pops off to Italy to do some recipes before returning to cook chicken breasts with Katie Price – an event which triggers an orgy of predictably rubbish jokes.

“So how important is food in your life Katie?? asks Gordon.

Ask a stupid question.

Sean Marland