Channel 4 To Show ‘Disabled Survivor’ Comedy

November 3, 2009 by  
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Channel 4 have long enjoyed a reputation for breaking down social barriers, but their latest idea will have caught even the most liberally progressive viewers off-guard.

The broadcaster is launching a spoof reality show about a group of disabled people stranded on an island.

It sounds like it could be quite good doesn’t it?

Cast Offs is a send-up of hit reality series such as Survivor and will feature six people with different disabilities – all shown swearing, making crude jokes and being politically incorrect.

Star of the show, Victoria Wright – who suffers face-disfiguring cherubism, said: “This is not something that’s really been seen before, showing us as adults who drink, swear and have sex.”

Victoria is joined in the cast by blind Tim Gebbels, deaf Sophie Woolley, paraplegic Peter Mitchell, Kiruna Stamell who has dwarfism and thalidomide-affected Matt Fraser.

Two of three writers of the show are also disabled, and in one scene the stars will be seen discussing the representation of disabled people on TV by able bodied actors.

Series writer Jack Thorn said: “You wouldn’t have a white actor playing Othello. Why are great disabled parts taken by able bodied actors? This is about breaking down barriers.”

The six part series – which focuses on a different character for each show – will start on November 24.

Participants are hoping it will do for disabled people what Queer As Folk did for gay people.