X Factor: ITV Bosses Accused Of Plotting Twins Success

November 2, 2009 by  
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twinsWe Brits love a good conspiracy.

Was JFK shot by the US government? Probably. Did George W Bush mastermind 9/11? Probably not.

But the question that’s on everyone’s lips this morning concerns something far more important than American foreign policy…

Are X Factor producers keeping John and Edward in the competition with a secret plot?!

In reports that will shake the nation to its very foundations, there were rumours this morning that ITV bosses are manipulating the competition in an evil ploy to generate publicity for the show.

The 18-year-old brothers had originally been scheduled to perform first on Saturday, thought to be the worst slot to perform in, as viewers have another two hours to wait before voting lines open, but bosses switched them at the last minute, making them the penultimate act.

A spokesperson for the show denied this showed favouritism, saying: “The order was changed but this has happened before. Often after a rehearsal producers may decide to change the pace of the show or for technical reasons.”

“The fact John and Edward snag towards the end of the show means nothing.? he added shiftily.

Judge Simon Cowell – who has vowed to leave the country if John and Edward win – said of the boys’ popularity: “I cannot say, ‘I like you’ just because the public like you. I have never liked Brussels sprouts.

“But the whole thing makes the show popular. If something like this happens, it happens. Is it good if they win? No!?

In other John and Edward news, we can report that the pair have been accused of giving the other contestants head lice.

A source said: “The nits situation is the talk of the house and all are blaming John and Edward. Everyone is keeping away from them and their hair products.?

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