X Factor: Dannii Outraged, Rants At Rachel’s Exit

November 2, 2009 by  
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rachelMore of the same this weekend folks, someone with a great voice was chucked-off, those tuneless gremlins stayed in and Danyl started crying for no apparent reason (the man must be dangerously dehydrated).

All in all it was all pretty uneventful as X Factor weekends go, but surely something interesting was happening somewhere…

While we were all crossing all our fingers that this would be the week the twins finally left us (those cheeky producers left us hanging) Dannii was making an important discovery.

“It’s almost like it’s not a singing contest anymore”, she said after her protege Rachel Adedeji was voted off last night. And there we were believing the Irish twins to be the eighth best singers in Britain.

“Everyone adored Rachel. I don’t know where it went wrong, I’ll be banging my head against a wall tonight.” Added the questionably coiffured judge, conveniently overlooking the fact that her act received the fewest votes, which technically made her the least adored person in the contest.

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell dodged controversy again by refusing to cast the deciding vote. “I have to take into account the fact that you have been in the bottom two for three weeks,” he said – before admitting that she performed far better than Lloyd.

So much for the sing-off then Simon. We wonder if the twins would have got the same treatment…

Justin says:

I tend to judge the outcome on the volume of the audiences cheers when they announce the telephone numbers, as that gives me a gist of who has good support. Going by this weeks applause Lloyd, Rachel and the twins had the quietest chants whilst Stacy and Ollie both had a huge ovation, so watch this space……..

well I think that Simon’s decision to let the result be dicided by the public vote count, was the right one.

Let’s suppose for a moment that he had kept Rachel in the competition based on the sing-off performance.Can you imagine the outcry then?..Lloyd was obviously affected by some kind of bug and to make a decision based on his resulting performance would have left Simon open to accusations of being unsympathetic and heartless……the poor bloke can’t win can he…..either way.

I do agree that the cocky twins need to be shall we say…let go….as the longer they are kept in the more damage they are doing to the credibility of x faxtor.


jilly says:

I thought the show was all about performing on the night, well then why is Lloyd still in it……..Rachel was far better on the night , so simon, what are you thinking…

Polly says:

How can you publish this utter garbage?

martin james says:

If i start ranting about this, i probably wont stop, so i will just say that i for one will not be watching X factor as long as those identically talentless tw__s remain on the show. This programme is about real talent, remember, people who have the X FACTOR. The indentical tw__s most certainly do not have it when it comes to singing and dancing and therefore should not be on this show. I believe that in this instance the general public should be overuled and the twins ousted from the show. As previously stated i will not not be watching anymore until they are gone.