Pamela Anderson At Home With Joe Review: What A Boob

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3PAMELA ANDERSON AT HOME WITH JOE: Monday 2nd November, Living, 10pm Alert Me

Joe Swash meets Pamela Anderson. What gets more entertaining than that?

Living’s two-part series follows the North London boy live out his fantasy of not only making his acquaintance, but spending an entire week with his 14-year-old fantasy. Pamela Anderson, “the woman running down the beach with these big breasts”– in his own words, of course.

At 41, Anderson is still as sexy as ever, despite mothering two children and contracting Hepatitis C. And this self-proclaimed actress, activist, and former Showgirl will have to endure the likes of tacky TV show veteran, Joe Swash.

There is no denying this is as downright lowbrow as it gets.

Part one, Pamela Anderson: At Home With Joe, opens with Swash getting a pep talk from his mum. She reminds him that he has a mother and two sisters, and should respect his playmate idol. But Joe can not get his mind off of Pamela’s “bristols.” How charming.

But perhaps the most rewarding part of At Home With Joe is watching the Baywatch babe fake it bad.

Pammy forcefully laughs at Joe’s jokes in London and takes the mick out of him in Paris. And it becomes all-too obvious that this once-80s superstar longs for her place back in the limelight, whether she is traipsing through North London in a thigh-high gold satin dress or desperately shmoozing it up with Vivienne Westwood on the catwalk.

Poor Pammy.

So what do you get when you take a sex symbol has-been and a star-struck commoner?

A good laugh.

Danielle Jacoby

I don’t care of some people are saying negative comments about Pamela Anderson. To me she is the hottest woman. Her face is cute and I love her curvy body.