Tennant: Doctor Who Farewell Is Emotional and Exciting

October 31, 2009 by  
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tennantAs you may have heard, David Tennant has only three hours left as Doctor Who before he hands over his sonic screw-driver to Matt Smith next year.

These three special episodes (the first to be shown on 15 November) will mark the Scottish actor’s swansong after four years in the role – and understandably, he’s a bit gutted.

“It was very emotional saying cheerio. Filming the final scene was very, very sad. There’s lots of scenes in the final, final story that are very sad and were very sad to play,” he said wistfully.

At a sneak preview of upcoming special, The Waters Of Mars (which looks excellent by the way) the space/time-traveller is forced to consider the prospect of his own immediate demise. Eep!

“The Doctor finds himself in a situation where he knows what the end is. It’s all about whether he can un-knit the inevitable.”

“With this particular Time Lord’s life coming to an end, if he starts fiddling with the fundamentals of time and space, it might lead to his undoing,” explained Tennant.

At the end of the sneak preview, we were also given a glimpse of what is to come at Christmas and we it is with poorly disguised delight that we can confirm John Simm’s return as the doctor’s arch-nemesis, The Master.

“It’s fitting and proper he should be there to see the Doctor off – if that’s what happens,” Tennant teased, speaking of Simm’s return. “The Doctor now knows incontrovertibly that he’s running from his own demise.”

But if the upcoming special is anything to go by, these climactic episodes will contain some of the darkest and scariest adventures the doctor has embarked on yet.

This could mean that Matt Smith has some very big shoes to fill come 2010, but Tennant explained how excited he is for his young replacement saying “it couldn’t have happened to a nicer chap”.

“Anyway you always get to be called the doctor…”