Celebrity Come Dine With Me Review: Celebrities Behaving Boringly

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CDWM300CELEBRITY COME DINE WITH ME: Sunday 1st November, Channel 4, 8pm Alert Me

Just like pretty much every woman (and if they’re honest, most of the men) in Britain, we love Come Dine With Me.

If you need us to tell you why, we suggest you get yourself on Channel 4 catch-up immediately – a television phenomenon is passing you by.

But what makes it so delicious is not just the vocal vegans, the nauseating know-it-alls and the culinary catastrophes. It’s not even the fabulously stinging narration from Dave Lamb.

The show’s secret ingredients are the unpolished nobodies who appear on a weekly basis – they warm our hearts, make us laugh and sometimes force us to throw things at the TV.

As in Big Brother, we are left with the feeling that the premise worked rather better with a group of randomly picked plebs than a set publicity-savvy C-Listers.

But no matter, because these barely-celebrities got on well and provided us with a few laughs. Natasha Hamilton (Atomic Kitten), Roy Walker (Old Man Catchphrase) and Yvette Fielding (Ghost Whisperer) were all nice enough but Coronation Street’s Bruce Jones stole the show as the lovable food novice, Les Battersby.

In the opening scene he advised us that if we ever saw him on the street we should not call him Les – that annoys him an awful lot because it’s not his name you see – before going on to profess his dislike for almost every dish on offer.

However once he tasted a fish that hadn’t been fried in batter, he confessed that his eyes had been well and truly opened. “The only other fish I have eaten is tinned salmon – I might have been missing out on some delicious food?, said Les – I mean Bruce.

This was a decent show but it would have been much more enjoyable if some of the celebs had started behaving badly. Roy Walker’s ruthless pursuit of Natasha aside, they were all fun-loving but uncontroversially down-to-earth.

“The ladies probably want to do it again?, said the Catchphrase presenter at the end. “That’s what happens when they meet the legend?.

He’s good but he’s not right.

Sean Marland

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