30 Rock Review: 30 Carat Comedy

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30rock30030 ROCK: Monday 1st November, Comedy Central, 10pm Alert Me

How can a show that was nominated for a record-breaking 22 Emmys last summer average only 5.8 million US viewers every week?

It is a mystery, and a particularly puzzling one at that.

When will selfish television viewers start listening to the wisdom-filled critics? Not until they start chatting about Come Dine With Me apparently.

If the show’s publicists were having a problem in America, then their colleagues in Britain definitely need to pull their fingers out. 30 Rock is about as well known as the second verse of the national anthem over here, but that could (and definitely should) all be about to change.

For those who don’t know, the show revolves around a group of actors, TV producers and other hangers-on who produce a fictional sketch show. As you would expect from a comedy of the SNL stable, it pokes fun at itself and the rest of pop-culture very astutely.

Creator and star Tina Fey has created a satire which gets it right more often than not and the word on the television street is that the show is about to climb out of the British backwaters and make a big splash in the mainstream.

It certainly has the names to do so. Alec Baldwin is just one of the stars who deadpans his lines to perfection, and the roll of famous cameos reads like David Beckham’s Christmas card list.

Hollywood’s royalty obviously enjoy working on the show and it’s pretty easy to imagine why. 30 Rock is inventive, silly and it seems unfettered by the kind of restrictions that have diluted other comedies before it.

Definitely worth a look – it could be about to get very fashionable.

Sean Marland