The Lowdown: Things You Never Knew About Michael Jackson

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Whether you loved him or hated him, Michael Jackson was the King of Pop.

Sure, he was a bit odd. But thanks to MJ, we have classics like Thriller, Billy Jean, Beat It and Bad.

Ultimately selling 750m albums worldwide, with 13 Grammy Awards to his name, Michael Jackson was one of the most commercially successful and influential entertainers of all time.

Four months after his death, This is It has premiered (check out our inspired 5 Most Shameless Movie Cash Ins Ever).

The much-anticipated documentary features rehearsal footage of the London O2 Arena comeback concert which never happened.

So whether you are a die hard fan or merely a pop culture patron, OTB brings you things you may not know about Michael Jackson.

1. Jackson was renowned for sleeping in an oxygen tent.

2. His favorite superhero was Morph from the X-Men.

3. He once disguised himself as a woman while shopping in a French market.

4. In 1984, Jackson’s hair caught on fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial.

5. MC Hammer once challenged Jackson to a dance-off. He was told to Beat It.

6. He invented and patented special boots that could “defy gravity.” Think Smooth Criminal.

7. The Simpsons rumour is true. Jackson voiced a character in a mental institution for the Stark Ravind Dad episode, aired in 1991.

8. The title is legit. He was royally declared King by villagers in Gabon, Ivory Coast the following year.

9. Jackson owned the rights to the South Carolina State Anthem, ‘South Carolina on My Mind’, recorded by Hank Martin and Buzz Arledge.

10. Jackson suffered from vitiligo, a rare condition that causes the skin to lose its pigment.

Danielle Jacoby