Strictly Come Dancing Close To Signing Richard Gere

October 28, 2009 by  
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gereAt this rate we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that someone had booked the Pope to play the spoons live on the final episode of Strictly or X Factor…

This seems to be a battle which will grow and grow until eventually, it is big enough to consume the sun itself.

Today we learned that Strictly Come Dancing bosses are lining up Hollywood A-Lister Richard Gere for a one-off guest appearance.

Apparently his performance in the film Shall We Dance is enough of a pretext to get him on the ballroom show and rumours are circulating that he will be dancing with Katya Virshilas (who also appeared in the 2004 movie).

A source told The Sun: “ITV is hammering the show in the ratings, so bosses think getting some high-profile names on will do the trick. Mariah Carey and Pamela Anderson are also being lined up.”