Sold? Low Low Cheese’s Extreme Mouse Trap

October 28, 2009 by  
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Food and mice? Gasp.

Fallon has launched its first campaign for the Kerry Foods-owned cheese brand Low Low. The commercial features a squealing white rodent boldly bypassing a minefield of traps. Like a little furry Indiana Jones, the mouse spirals through the air in matrix fashion, all for the plate of advertised cheese-on-toast.

This is not a live animal we are talking about. Thanks to CGI, the pest is as precious as Mickey Mouse, except that he does not speak or sing and dance. The little guy merely squeaks. And that is all it takes for us to become enraptured by his quest.

As for what he is after–“the ultimate cheese,” we forget the product the moment our dear protagonist leaps into the picture. The voice-over for “cheese made from semi-skinned milk with a third less fat than cheddar” is muted by a sensational rodent. But just because I secretly wanted the little guy to get snapped by a trap in the end does not mean I did not thoroughly enjoy Fallon’s action-packed advert.

Danielle Jacoby