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KATIE – MY BEAUTIFUL FACE: Thursday 29th October, Channel 4, 10pm ALERT ME

Unbelievably this programme is not about how hot Jordan thinks she is right now – it’s even more disturbing than that.

In this episode of Cutting Edge we hear the deeply harrowing yet infinitely inspiring tale of a gorgeous young girl with a promising modelling and TV career in front of her who had sulphuric acid thrown in her face by a total stranger.

Be warned, this is not easy viewing, indeed the footage shot immediately after the attack is graphic to say the least. But what does shine through is the lively and truly admirable spirit of a 25-year-old woman whose world fell apart in a few short seconds.

As I watched this highly emotive piece, it was impossible not to feel anger towards the vicious maniac who attacked her and I was genuinely floored by the strength that she and her family demonstrate as she endures countless operations and rehabilitation sessions.

When the police investigation starts to unfold some even more disturbing secrets come to light and it is not difficult to imagine why Katie now has real trouble answering the door and can’t drink hot liquids.

The programme follows her arduous recovery process and fight for justice as she bravely confronts the reality that her future has been changed forever. Modelling contracts and nights at China Whites have disappeared and she now lives with her parents, rarely leaving the house.

Initially this is very difficult to watch and if it wasn’t for Katie’s upbeat demeanor it would be impossible. As she shows film-makers photos of how she used to look, she jokes that she is like an elderly woman showing her grandchildren old pictures. “See how sexy your grandma used to be?, she says in a put-on accent.

As a result we are delighted by a touching climax in which Katie throws a party for everyone who has helped her recover from the barbaric assault. She will never look the way she did before, but the improvement in her appearance and confidence since the introduction is substantial.

Sean Marland

James Conway says:

My dear Katie.

I would like to know if your face will ever get fully better, I think that was a dreadful thing to do with anyone, how would they like to have it done to them and that is people or bas***ds should think before doing anything to anyone.

Katie please reply.

Jim. xxxxxooooo

clive says:

isnt it a good job that katies beauty was much more than skin deep.
a truly harrowing viewing.
totally humbling.

clive says:

Shocking documentary and this article sums up precisely what i felt as i was watching it. at least katies beauty was more than skin deep

pam brown says:

What a truely fantastic person Kate is. She’s retained her inner beauty and she is still extremely attractive- with her fantastic bone structure and infectious smile you see past the scars immediatly. The dignity she and her family have displayed over the year is incredable

shorely says:

Surely one of the most powerful documentaries of the year.

What on the surface appears to be a simple tale of a tragic “accident” is slowly unraveled to reveal the true horrors, nightmares and daily struggles that so unfortunately underpin Katie’s daily life.

She is to be admired for her willingness and openness in sharing the true extent and depth of her scars, which has a deep and profound effect.

That one momentary incident can have such a monstrous and irrevocable impact on a whole family’s life is genuinley shocking, and the strength, conviction and courage shown by them all is both humbling and inspiring.