X Factor: Twins Topped Weekend Vote!

October 27, 2009 by  
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twinsIn the most shocking news to have passed across the OTB desk in many months, we can reveal that the E-Jo twins recieved the highest number of votes last weekend – making them the most popular acts in the competition.

It was only after two strong cups of coffee, some smelling salts and a couple of slaps round the face that we found the strength to actually write this unbelievable news piece.

One insider told The Sun: “It is extraordinary. John and Edward were miles ahead of any other act. Whoever wins the X Factor, you can usually guarantee they can sing”.

“If John and Edward win, it will no longer be a show about great singers – it could be disastrous. But you know what? It could happen”.

The news came amid scenes of chaos outside the X Factor house. Police were eventually called to control hundreds of hysterical fans.

Meanwhile Louis Walsh defended his tuneless warblers: “Kids love these guys – everywhere I go they come up to me and tell me they think they’re great”.

You obviously haven’t traveled very far Louis.