Britain’s Best Brain Review: Live & Flailing

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3.5BRITAIN’S BEST BRAIN: Wednesday 28th October, Five, 9pm Alert Me

Game shows are getting creative.

Contestants gobble up spiders, unlock mystery boxes and confess deep, dark secrets.

And now they bare their brains to be crowned “Britain’s Best.? 15 minutes of fame is reaching an all-new level.

Five’s latest brainteaser – co-funded by Nintendo – Britain’s Best Brain, sees its contenders tackle five tasks, each “scientifically created? to test a specific function of the brain—memory, co-ordination, numeracy, recognition and risk. Performance on the individual tasks generates each contestant’s unique brain total. Every episode’s top scorers return for the grand final.

In keeping with the cooky antics of a horde of competing series, Britain’s Best Brain features rock music-blasting neon retro chairs and gyroscopes with the accompanying virtual egg timer. Fraught opponents look possessed as they pump out answers to simple maths equations and turn purple from spinning around in metallic elliptical contraptions. Because success on this show is about how well the brain functions in high stress conditions. A bit cruel, no?

As expected of any primetime game show, amusing challengers are key. In the premiere episode, we have the 20-something know-it-all, the tattooed supermum, the token minority, the curly-haired mathematician, and the cute blonde—quite the oddball lot. With satirical commentary by co-hosts Zoe Ball and Jamie Theakston, Britain’s Best Brain proves to be another staple of household entertainment.

Danielle Jacoby