X Factor: Lastminute.com Offer Twins One-way Ticket Home

October 26, 2009 by  
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John_and_Edward_500As opportunistic publicity grabs go, lastminute.com‘s idea to offer the E-Jo twins a free flight back to Ireland is pretty impressive.

The website obviously agree with the rest of us and are willing to use any means necessary to get the talentless leprechauns out of the competition.

Indeed Louis Walsh might need to get security in to start defending his proteges as they seem to becoming more unpopular with each passing week.

On Saturday the E-Jo gave a ridiculous rendition of the Ricky Martin song, She Bangs, complete with inflatable dolls of themselves and dance moves the twins later thanked Simon Cowell for (explanations are pretty futile – you really had to see this for yourself).

The boys pranced around the stage with scantily clad dancers in a horrifying spectacle which led Cowell to label them ‘horrors’.

Cheryl however admitted that they were her ‘guilty pleasures’, which kind of makes sense.