X Factor: E-Jo Twins Fall Out Over Rubbish Singing

October 26, 2009 by  
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twinsThe last thing you want to do when the whole nation hates you is have a scuffle with your brother.

But sadly, we can report that this is what may have happened to the E-Jo twins on Saturday night.

It seems that while everyone else thinks they are equally terrible, they have been falling out over which one of them is messing up the vocals.

An X Factor source said: “Edward was blaming John, who had a go back before they spent some time apart”.

“It was all smiles for the cameras but they were arguing for ages. Everyone knows they are not the best singers but they don’t want to just get sympathy votes or go through because of the stage show Louis Walsh is organising around them.”

Unfortunately beggars can’t be choosers boys.