EastEnders Launches Teen Online Spinoff ‘E20’

October 22, 2009 by  
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As if the recent Michael Jackson reference and Bradley’s incessant Twitter twittering wasn’t enough, EastEnders is trying to appeal to the ‘yoof’ audience with a brand new online spin-off show.

The 13-part show – titled EastEnders: E20 (doesn’t quite have the 90210 ring to it, does it?) – will follow four brand new characters who move into Albert Square.

While it’ll work as a standalone show, there will be cameos from regular actors (fingers crossed we’ll see Dot go street, busting her crunk moves across the square), and cross-reference storylines in the main soap.

Plot-wise, E20 will focus on a group of sixth-form students trying to escape from “family problems and crises of their own making”. And as we can all relate, when teenage life gets too tough there’s simply no other choice but to head to a run-down, sociopathic-heavy, soul-crushing square in the backwater streets of London’s East End.

What do you think? Will it be the best spin-off since Frasier? Or Hollyoaks gone pikey?