X Factor: Kandy Rain Booed Off Stage In Club

October 21, 2009 by  
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Kandy Rain’s brief pop career continued to freefall spectacularly last week when they were booed off stage by a group of angry club goers.

The former strippers were ushered to the exit at McCluskey’s in Kingston, Surrey, by bouncers.

One national newspaper last week predicted that Kandy Rain would be forgotten by Christmas. This estimate was obviously far too generous as the group seem to have made the transition from ‘somebody’ straight to ‘hated by everybody’, without bothering passing through the ‘nobody’ stage.

A similar thing happened to Heather M***s after she split with Paul McCartney.

One club patron who witnessed the most unsuccessful concert since Daphne & Celeste played Leeds Festival said: “Every time they tried to talk they just got booed. It looked like things could turn nasty so the bouncers escorted them away.”

Back to the Spearmint Rhino then girls…