The Bigamist Bride Review: Once, Twice, Five Times a Crazy

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emily-horne300x210THE BIGAMIST BRIDE: Thursday 22nd October, Channel 4, 9pm Alert Me

One marriage is enough for most people, so you could be forgiven for thinking that a woman married to five blokes simultaneously either has the sex-drive of a viagra-addled rabbit, or is just a bit mental.

As it turns out, Emily Horne is about 30 sandwiches short of a picnic – indeed there hasn’t been anyone this crazy since Caligula was in charge of Rome.

The Bigamist Bride is car-crash television of the highest order, and this utter nutter captivates and disturbs us in equal measure.

Some people might remember reading about the June court case in which Horne was convicted of bigamy for a second time, but although it may have raised a few eyebrows at the time, the crucial details of this extraordinary case were largely glossed over.

No such censorship here, as the full extent of this ladie’s unbelievable penchant for lying quickly becomes very obvious and we soon realise that she is fibbing with every breath she can muster (she even tries to argue that working as a prostitute was the same as being glamour model)!?!?

This psychologist’s wet dream makes for captivating television though.

The sheer scale of Horne’s bulls**t leaves your jaw on the floor and listening to her is soon a very unsettling experience.

She lies about pregnancy, various deaths in her family and even fakes an epileptic fit – in the end we wouldn’t be surprised if she claimed to have shot JR.

Eventually this makes her seem pretty soulless (the shark-eyes don’t help), and we begin to feel sorry for the poor blokes who have been lead astray by this femme fatale – several of whom recount their experiences for the interviewer.

Horne’s lack of remorse also grates on us, especially when she tries to blames the blokes involved for “thinking with their pr*cks.?

Only a fool would fail to realise that she has some horrendous psychological problems, yet it is almost impossible not to dislike this fascinating woman.

Believe it or not, she even has a new boyfriend!


Sean Marland

chris horne says:

some real crap written about emily horne
she is a compulsive liar and manipulator
I am her uncle ( dads brother)
she lived with us for 6 months after her parents split, she lived with us when she bought the bridesmaids dress)

spoiled by grand parents as first grandchild
loves attention full of self

bipolar my arse ..i have been fostering andlooking after vulnerable kids for 20 plus years