X Factor: Rikki Blames Cheryl For Early Exit

October 20, 2009 by  
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Yesterday Rikki Loney was defending the E-Jo twins and thanking everyone involved for the ‘greatest experience’ of his life.

But as we all know, a day is a long time in X Factor and today he is pinning the blame for his failure squarely on the shoulder pads of Cheryl Cole.

Rikki told The Sun that his mentor was so nervous about her live performance that her own acts had to calm her down.

“She was really, really nervous. She kept saying, ‘I can’t believe how nervous I am’ and we kept reassuring her,? explained the pub-singer with the wandering eyebrow.

“She said she couldn’t believe that we were telling her it would be OK – like we were being her mentor.?

Although Cole was well received on Sunday night, Rikki was booted out by a smug Simon Cowell as he turned the knife with claims that the Scot “hadn’t been given the right material?.

Loney also revealed that he wished he had taken Whitney Houston’s advice and switched songs.

No doubt the American legend wished she had taken his advice and worn a dress that wasn’t far too long for her and had an adequate strap mechanism.