X Factor: Cheryl Cole Goes Back To The Street (Fighter)

October 20, 2009 by  
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After a busy weekend singing (or attempting to sing) on the cultural behemoth that is X Factor, we never imagined that we would find a way of getting a Street Fighter reference into a news article.

But then we hadn’t counted on Cheryl Cole’s new get-up.

Rumours that she swiped inspiration from M.Bison, a legendary character in the iconic computer game were rife this morning.

As you can see, there is definitely a passing resemblance.

So what next for the northern siren? Her single seems to have at least quadrupled in popularity overnight, but will this lead her to imitate other characters from the Street Fighter lexicon?

Ryu’s headband would surely be a logical progression – as long as she doesn’t use the same dress-maker as Whitney.