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flycar300x200THE FLYING CAR: Tuesday, 20th October, Channel 4, 10pm ALERT ME

For decades, the closest the world has come to a flying car is an absurdly titled vehicle piloted by Dick Van Dyke.

But Gilo Cardozo and Neil Laughton are planning to re-write history with an ambitious attempt to drive and fly their ‘skycar’ from London to Timbuktu in a challenge they believe is just the start of something much bigger.

After seeing this set of wheels, their bravery seems even more impressive/misguided but we’re pretty sure it’s going to make for some cool television. The vehicle is essentially a beach buggy with a large parachute on it, and their route will take them over chilly oceans and large chunks of desert.

After leaving London to much fanfare, the middle-class daredevils are thwarted by dull office bureaucrats who deny the pair permission to fly to France. They are forced to take the ferry like a pair of regular cheap-booze hunters – which makes for an inauspicious start.

Predictably, authorities on the continent are less pedantic and after some very hairy near-misses on the beaches of Southern Spain, Neil becomes the first man to cross the straits of Gibraltar – in a car.

As an ex-marine Neil Laughton is used to pressure like this and proudly tells us that he has climbed Everest and trekked in Antarctica. However the old bean risks losing some respect when he describes the process of vehicle testing: “It’s like trying to catch a monkey, and right now the monkey is running amok all over the place!?

His young partner is also a likeable chap. Despite apparently having a plum orchard in his mouth, Gilo Cardozo is quite a talented engineer and remains suspiciously enthusiastic throughout a fraught voyage.

By its very nature this is a tremendously original programme and the sight of what is to all intents and purposes a large remote controlled car taking to the air is still pleasing after an hour.

In the words of Gilo ‘ Biggles’ Cardozo – “If you have an idea that sounds like fun – it probably is fun – and you should give it a go.?


Sean Marland