Jimmy’s Food Factory Review: Breakslow Cereal

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jimmy300x200JIMMY’S FOOD FACTORY: Wednesday 21st October, BBC1, 7.30pm ALERT ME

“Have you ever wondered how the corn flakes you eat for your breakfast were made?? asks Jimmy Doherty.

To be honest I hadn’t. But as he starts to explain the long and drawn-out process of turning maize into a breakfast cereal, I did begin to wonder why in this day and age anyone eats corn flakes.

Surely most people know about Alpen by now.

Nevertheless Jimmy Doherty presses forward in his attempt to create a home-made corn flake with admirable determination, and after utilising a number of power tools, a blow-torch, and a tumble-dryer, they were ready.

And they didn’t look that bad…

Interesting stuff, but it didn’t exactly blow my mind. Jimmy Doherty is a pretty resourceful guy though, and in his efforts to create a truly own-brand morning snack, he popped off to his local dairy farm to investigate the cow-milking process.

And this is where we got our first nugget of fantastic trivia, because it turns out that some boffins have invented a robot which milks cows! Not only that, but this utterly self-operating machine works so well that the animals are queuing up to have a go on it – literally. Fantastic stuff.

Anyway, after procuring his ‘robot milk’ our man was nearly ready to enjoy the fruits of his significant labour. That was until he realised that he needed some sugar to go on his cereal of course.

So of we went again, and before you can say “just go down the shops mate?, a giant sugar-beat was plonked in front of the camera. “You wouldn’t put that on your corn flakes would you?? he asks cheerfully.

We certainly wouldn’t Jimmy, you loveable teddy bear of a farmer. But we wouldn’t struggle for a couple of days to produce a small bowl of corn flakes either…

“I’m really proud of these,? he says as he tucks into the finished article, before quickly pushing them away with a wry smile on his face. “Looks like it’s scrambled eggs for me.?

Sean Marland