BBC Delay Jonathan Creek For Tax Reasons

October 20, 2009 by  
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alan5Fans of the slowest-moving yet most-satisfying sleuth on television will be relieved to hear that there is another Jonathan Creek special in the pipeline. Hurrah!

Unfortunately, for tax reasons the BBC have postponed the one-off programme from Christmas until next Easter. Boo!

Alan Davies – who gallantly took a 25% pay cut to help the part-time detective pay off the mortgage on his windmill – said he is disappointed that the mystery show was put off after the success of the last holiday special.

“This year we went out on New Year’s Day and we were the highest-rated show. We even beat EastEnders,” Davies told the Daily Express. “We thought, ‘Great, we’ll have that again’.”

“But we were told, ‘No, we can’t have New Year’s Day, it has to go out in the next tax year because we have spent all the money for this year'”, he added.

When we contacted the BBC head of programming for an explanation, he simply said: “Bah humbug”.