X Factor: Twins Were More Entertaining Than Me – Rikki

October 19, 2009 by  
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rikkiSo another young hopeful has been booted out of the X Factor house at the expense of the terrible twins…

Rikki Loney was the latest contestant left feeling annoyed as he packed his bags while John & Edward or – as OTB has now dubbed them – E-Jo, survive for another week.

So what was the reason for this? Loney does his best to explain: “It’s the general public and they decided that the twins were better entertainment than me.?

After miming her way through her new single Cheryl Cole was in no mood to be so magnanimous: “I’m gutted. I can’t believe John and Edward are still here and Rikki’s not.”

According to Rikki, the pair are aware of how unpopular they are with some fans: “They really are aware and they put on such a brave face. They really are genuine guys.”

Genuine idiots more like.

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