Humphreys Challenges Paxman To Gameshow ‘Shoot-Out’

October 19, 2009 by  
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Liam vs Noel? Posh Spice vs Jordan? They seem like trivial celebrity spats when compared to the face-off now set to take place between two middle-aged TV quiz hosts.

This is the one we’ve all been waiting for folks – it’s John Humphreys of Mastermind against Jeremy Paxman of University Challenge

The middle-class feud was ignited this weekend when Humphreys challenged Paxman to a televised “general knowledge shoot-out? after the host of University Challenge accused his show of dumbing down.

Both question masters were speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival this weekend and when told of Paxman’s outburst, Humphreys responded by throwing down a (very expensive) gauntlet.

“Well, deliver this message to him. He’s welcome to test his proposition by appearing as a guest on Celebrity Mastermind.

“We’ll deliberately make the questions a bit easier for him, if he likes. Alternatively, we could have a shoot-out. I could put to him a set of questions chosen at random from the last ten programmes and he could do the same. Come on, Paxman, if you think you’re hard enough.?

Paxman later described the comments as a “confection of nothing?.

Bottled it mate.