X Factor – Ofcom Recieve 4,000 Complaints

October 15, 2009 by  
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Nearly four thousand angered X Factor fans have taken time out of their busy lives to register official complaints about Dannii Minogue with Ofcom over the last week.

Despite apologising for her inappropriate and terrible ‘joke’ about Danyl Johnson’s sexuality on live television the following night, the TV regulator has been inundated by crazed rantings from ITV viewers.

Ofcom is yet to decide whether it will launch a formal investigation into whether Minogue’s comment represented a breach of its broadcasting code.

Minogue defended herself by explaining that she and the contestant had been joking off air and it had carried through to the live show, so despite his tears, Johnson wasn’t upset or offended.

Admittedly he does cry quite frequently, so this may very well be true.