X Factor – Fans Fume At ‘Arrogant’ Cheryl

October 15, 2009 by  
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We remember when writing about X Factor simply entailed recounting the mundane events of a drunken midweek snog between housemates.

Nowadays there’s more controversy surrounding the show than the average teenage girl can shake a hastily penned banner at.

The Sun has today reported that ‘fuming’ fans have inundated TV Biz in their ‘droves’ demanding that Cheryl Cole sings live on Sunday’s show.

“TV Biz’s new Twitter site has gone into meltdown – as viewers brand the singer hypocritical and arrogant.?

Cheryl’s track is likely to be pre-recorded in front of just 800 people – and many sources are suggesting that she will even be miming!

On one forum a furious fan who identified himself only as ‘Ashley C’ commented: “It’s laughable that she can and judge other people sing live, but she can’t do it herself.?

The other judges certainly aren’t having a very good week either. Ofcom recieved nearly 4,000 complaints about Dannii Minogue…