Burn Notice Review: Miami Heist

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BURN NOTICE: Friday, 16th October, FX, 9pm ALERT ME

Michael Weston is a secret service agent, he’s a pretty good secret service agent too – but unfortunately he’s had his identity wiped by a mysterious group of baddies, which makes him a pretty good protagonist for an action comedy.

Long-awaited by its niche fanbase, the second season of Burn Notice debuts on FX this Autumn and it could begin accruing new followers very quickly once the watercooler gossip start spreading.

This slick and entertaining show splices together a handful of genres to produce a very satisfying Macgyver-esque result. If you think you have seen something like this before, that’s because you probably have, but this is a fresh angle which brims with inventive energy.

In a twist for the new season, Weston is forced to travel around Miami running dangerous errands for the mysterious syndicate – fronted by the siren-like Carla – who for reasons known only to them, ‘burned’ his spy-licence.

With the help of his bootylicious ex-girlfriend, an old buddy with a shocking taste in shirts and his neurotic mother, he tries to find out who betrayed him and spends his free time breaking things, breaking into things and outwitting foolish drug-dealers, mobsters, war-criminals or whoever happens to be annoying his bosses day-to-day.

Burn Notice does not masquerade as anything but a piece of light entertainment, the themes are simple and the plot is uncomplicated, but the show has slick production and is sharply written.

Furthermore it is genuinely enjoyable to watch the stars pull-off their devilishly clever operations, and it is in these sequences that the first-person narrative really comes into its own.

“When you’re claiming to be someone you’re not, the key is commitment. You’ve got to sell it like your life depends on it because sometimes, it does.?

Reminds me of trying to get served when I was underage…

Sean Marland