Paul O’Grady Agrees To ITV Deal, Calms The Hell Down

October 14, 2009 by  
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Professional drama queen Paul O’Grady has finally ‘settled’ for a pawltry £8m deal with ITV.

The drag act-turned-cuddly daytime chat institution has been stamping his feet for what feels like an eternity over pay negotiations with current terrestrial masters Channel 4.

However, as a result of the recession and a general cut back on show costs, he was told that his renewed contract would include a £1m reduction on the show’s budget.

Cue public moaning sessions, a ‘woe is me’ series of rants (we don’t know about you, but we don’t know how we’d be able to live, eat or probably even avoid toilet paper if we had our budget cut by £1m), and a hissy-fit induced stomp off to ITV to see if they’d be interested in bringing him on board.

Apparently, they were.

The comedian will launch a new primetime Friday night chatshow on ITV1 next year, putting him head-to-head with BBC One’s Jonathan Ross, The Mirror claims.