Derek Acorah To Contact Michael Jackson In Live Seance

October 14, 2009 by  
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Just when you thought he couldn’t get any gaudier or weirder, Derek Acorah has announced that he will attempt to make contact with Michael Jackson.

Why do people keep giving this mentalist attention seeking muppet a forum to degrade himself and others?

At least Derren Brown’s admitted his ‘seance’ was fake.

The ex-Most Haunted cough-psychic-cough has teamed up with June Sarpong and Sky One for next month’s Michael Jackson: The Live Seance in which he’ll try to contact Michael to ask him how he’s feeling about his demise, what heaven’s like and whether he’s taught God how to moonwalk yet.

Anyone else think this is about as low as you can possibly go?

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IloveMJ says:

Well, I think this is a good idea. I know that many, many, many of you will completely go against me on this. However I am really, really looking forward to it. In fact, the only reason I found this is that I did a google search to see if I could find an exact date for it. As all I know so far is that there are going to be two shows on it; both held in November.
I do believe in the supernatural, I believe in what most of you would never even contemplate! Ghosts and spirits being one of -if not the- biggest of these beliefs. Further more, being a huge Michael Jackson fan, I want for nothing more than to hear from him one last time! For that, I would kill! (hypothetically of course) Wether it be a hoax or not, for a 13-year-old Michael Jackson obbsesor, I willl honestly do my very best to believe he has been reached. Just as I have done with the Images, and videos of what might be Michael’s Ghost at Neverland. It gives a child (me) hope, please don’t ruin that.


†.Rest . in . Peace.†

Michael Jackson:
~~ King of ALL things Good. xx :'(
Loved, Adored and Missed terribly by me. xx