The Force Review: It’s Absolute Murder!

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theforce300x200THE FORCE: Tuesday 13th October, Channel 4, 9pm ALERT ME

Every once in a while, real life policing is just like it is on television – which is good for people making television programmes about real life policing.

In a world where law enforcement documentaries usually follow a few officers as they round up the human debris of a Saturday night, The Force is a wake-up call which shows police teams grafting to solve some of the country’s most serious crimes.

This show takes viewers every step of the way on a high-profile murder investigation, and the mounting suspense is palpably captured.

When a member of the public found the burned body of a person in rural Hampshire back in May 2008, Senior Investigating Officer, Jason Hogg had almost nothing to go on. But his team soon clicks into gear and the manhunt gathers pace.

As we watch the officers come up against a series of obstacles, we begin to understand why more than half of Britain’s reported violent crimes go unsolved – as the brusque narrator explains, “this is a world where there is good and evil.?

When you hear that someone has murdered a woman, put her body in a suitcase, and driven 30 miles to dump and burn her, it’s hard to argue with that assessment.

This is strong stuff and the chilling soundtrack which continues throughout leaves us with a suitable sense of dread. But it’s also impressive to see how the various specialist units probe every avenue of investigation, churning out thousands of man-hours in search of that eureka moment.

When Hampshire’s finest get a breakthrough, the series of events becomes even more intriguing and watching them add tiny pieces to the massive jigsaw is very satisfying.

A real and shocking murder mystery – Morse would have been proud.

Sean Marland

Sarah says:

Very much enjoyed this program. A fascinating look into rea life crime solving. Well done to the team for nailing it!