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What is more entertaining than a flock of squealing middle-aged women drifting through the corridors of a haunted 1530s Tudor manor in Liverpool?

Delightfully dramatic, Most Haunted has returned for its thirteenth season of shaky camcorders, cloudy night vision and ghost growl imitations by host Yvette Fielding.

In the first episode of its now quality-confounding 13th series, the team of ‘gifted psychic mediums’ travels to Speke Hall in Galston to capture evidence of a local legend. In revenge of her philandering husband’s bankruptcy, Mary Norris, “the white lady,? allegedly murdered her child and then herself in the tapestry room of the manor back in the mid-nineteenth-century.

Just as in the previous seasons, Most Haunted is narrated by Fielding, whose steely-nerved façade is easily undermined by her ridiculous outbursts. Fashioning a stick-straight, bleached-blonde hairdo in her stylish trench coat, whilst spewing, “Does anyone else hear a knocking?? and “What the heck!? Fielding is as inappropriate of a paranormal show host as it gets. But the good news is that her sheer eccentricity, backed by a kooky team, provides scared spectators with a good laugh.

Perhaps the highlight of episode one entails Fielding’s cameraman Stuart Torevell and his lone night vigil through the wood-beamed attic. This short, balding, bug-eyed man produces the only visible evidence of paranormal activity out of the entire one-hour block. “Alright, I am just going to go through that door right there,? he says, wobbling his camcorder towards a small passage. And the next thing you know, a wood block is thrown at his head. The lens turns to poor Torevell who is more frightened than ever. “I think that is my cue to leave.?

Can anyone really take this show seriously after that?

Fast-forward another half-an-hour, and the gang is still stumbling through the manor on night vision mode. A book is flung at them back in the attic and a door handle rattles in the Great Hall. And Fielding proclaims at the show’s not-so gripping conclusion, “We’ve been left shaken.?

Danielle Jacoby