X Factor Fans Furious Over Dannii’s Gay Joke

October 12, 2009 by  
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X Factor fans have ‘swamped’ ITV forums with calls for Dannii Minogue to be fired after her controversial comments regarding competition favourite Danyl Johnson’s sexuality.

A spokesperson for the anti-Dannii bandwagon last night said: “There should be no debate, no questions, no apologies – Dannii must be sacked.”

The scandal was ignited when Johnson sang ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’, by Jennifer Hudson, and changed the lyrics so he was singing to a woman, rather than a man.

The Aussie judge responded by saying: “If we’re to believe what’s in the papers, there was no need to switch the gender reference.”

It went down like a Steven Gately joke in Louis Walsh’s dressing room, Johnson was visibly upset and Simon Cowell was seen to be absolutely furious – although that might just have been his make-up.

After a weekend of sniping at each other, the X Factor judges drew an uncomfortable line under the incendiary events of Saturday night’s live show, by issuing a volley of apologies to each other on Sunday night.

Many people are questioning whether the incident was staged in an attempt to steal back column inches from the shows rival, Strictly Come Dancing, but in truth it just seems to be a case of Minogue being a bit of an idiot.

Is Bruce Forsyth still the most inappropriate person on British TV? At this stage it’s still too close to call.

Bring on next week.

Chloe says:

I totally agree with Dannii. She should be able to speak her mind. If Cheryl said it then everyone would back her up. Love you Dannii. xxx