Sold?: Emmerdale – False Advertising On The Farm

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In a list of ironic TV names, Charity Dingle would have to rank very close to the top.

This woman has spent more time gold-digging than Heather Mills, and would struggle to tell the difference between a copy of the Big Issue and the Emmerdale Examiner.

She isn’t the most unsuitably named person on television though, that honour has to go to her sister – Chastity.

But that’s quite enough of the Dingle family’s penchant for ridiculous titles.

One of Emmerdale’s oldest cast members is back in town – country rather, and she’s going to make life hell for somebody.

However the scene depicted here is completely out of sync with the actual events surrounding her return.

She did not just toss her cheap wig aside and decide to return to her roots, her fiancé chucked her after discovering that she lied about being pregnant – and that she used to be a prostitute (that never goes down well).

Factual inaccuracies aside, what really grinds our gears is the fact that in terms of style, this trailer bears almost no similarity to the programme itself.

Emmerdale makes The Bill look positively arthouse by comparison, but there’s more mood lighting going on here than you would find in the average Radox commercial.

The sheer decadence of this teaser is staggering, after all, the nearest thing the normal show has to a slo-mo shot is when Alan Turner gets out of his armchair.

The money spent here could easily have paid for Sam Dingle to have a lobotomy or Shadrach to get his nose done.

Instead they decided to finance a cheap Stella ad imitation.

For Shame.

Sean Marland

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