Bones Season 5 Review: Tripping The Forensic Fantastic

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tv-stars-4BONES SEASON 5: Thursday 8th October, Sky1, 9pm ALERT ME

Everyone’s favourite FBI agent and forensic anthropologist crime fighting team are back.

Yes Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth are together again in the opening episode of season 5.

But after last season’s wackadoodle ending, just how together are they?
The last time we saw Booth he was living in aN alternate version of his life thanks to a tumour-removal induced coma. In that bizarro version of reality, Brennan and Booth are married nightclub owners and Brennan is pregnant with his child.

Now in season 5 it’s six weeks since Booth woke up and he’s having a little trouble distinguishing the dream Brennan – loving pregnant wife, from the real Brennan – socially inept but a brilliant scientist.

The case in the season opener tells the tale of 12 skeletons residing under a fountain but they only come to the team’s attention because a psychic told them so. Cyndi Lauper plays tarot card reader, Avalon Harmonia who, when she’s not pointing out where bodies are, tells Brennan that she is linked in a very strong way to Booth.

Tell us something we don’t know.

Dr. Sweets gets involved with Booth’s return to work but does point out on some brain scans that Booth’s feelings may only be temporary.

Meanwhile the squints are all back but they’re not given much to do in the pilot, but we can’t hardly blame the writers for wanting to focus on our would-be lovers. Sweets also turns up to help Angela and Hodgins out in the lab because as it turns out the 12 bodies under the fountain were actually part of some kind of cult. But who managed to kill and bury 12 people?

There’s obviously some strong feelings between the two but can Booth figure out if it’s real or not before he tells Brennan the way he feels? He also makes a surprising confession to Cam. But is Booth the same man that he was before the coma? Let’s just say he doesn’t hate clowns anymore.

Season 5 definitely opens with some interesting questions but we’re guessing we’re going to be strung along for a while before we get any answers. But then that’s half the fun, isn’t it?

Emily Moulder