Stargate Universe Review: A Whole New Stargate World

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tv-stars-3STARGATE UNIVERSE: Tuesday 6th October, Sky1, 8pm ALERT ME

The brand new version of Stargate begins when a team of scientists and soldiers from present-day earth step through a teleportal and find themselves on an unmanned ancient ship billions of lightyears from earth.

Although they can ascend to other nearby planets, unfortunately it seems they are unable to return home.

This all sounds relatively simple, but long-time fans can rest easy – this latest series really is fiendishly complex. Even Robert Carlyle is struggling to keep up, and his character is the cast’s designated mathematical genius.

Once you get over the shock of seeing Begbie in space, the Glaswegian becomes one of the best additions to the show, and he maintains an excellent poker-face even whilst spouting some ridiculous lines.

Apparently SGU was written to appeal to both veteran fans and newcomers, as the premises and storylines are firmly entrenched in Stargate mythology but do not rely on it too often. What’s more, although this new creation still includes familiar themes of adventure and exploration, the show focuses mostly on the people aboard the ship.

For fans of the franchise, Universe shows real promise, but viewers might need to put in some serious shifts in front of the TV to get the very best of it.

It seems pretty clear that this new offering from one of the strongest bulwarks of the sci-fi television has definitely moved with the times in terms of styalisation. Character relationships are strong, ongoing serialisation is well defined, and time-shift storytelling is paramount (as soon as you work out what’s going on in one scene, you are whisked off to another time/reality).

For many new viewers, Eli Wallace will be the ship-member who acts as an access-point. An unemployed maths nerd, he gets a knock on the door after solving an impossible equation in the introductory episode. Machiavellian numbers wizard, Doctor Rush (Carlyle), immediately beams him up to outer-space and promises that his mum will be looked after for the next 20 years.

As he discovers what kind of world he has signed up for, we are introduced to a number of other characters, many of whom are also struggling to deal with the crazy situation at hand.

Stargate fans will love this, other people might struggle with it.

Sean Marland

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