Eastbound & Down Review: A Homerun

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51 300x210EASTBOUND & DOWN: Thursday 1st October, FX UK, 10pm ALERT ME

Fox, on the whole, is a little hit and miss here at OTB towers.

But this week they hit the ball out of the park when they sent us a copy of Eastbound & Down. Tropic Thunder’s Danny McBride stars as Kenny Powers in his first regular TV appearance.

He’s a deluded ex baseball player who’s arrogant antics caused him to lose everything and return to his hometown in North Carolina.

Now living with his family man brother, Dustin and his disapproving wife, Cassie, Kenny must get a job as a substitute PE teacher at his old high school.

He also runs into an old flame, April ‘Big Cannons’ Buchanan, who is now engaged to the principal.

Kenny is in a similar vein to David Brent. Totally deluded, arrogant as hell and unaware of what a loser he is; his autobiography is called ‘You’re F*ckin’ Out, I’m F*ckin’ In!’

McBride is great on the big screen but it’s when he’s king of the castle on his own show that he really takes it up a notch. Kenny’s a great character whose wild antics aren’t unlike Earl Hickey from My Name Is Earl.

With Will Ferrell as the executive producer this was never going to be boring but this is comedy at a whole other level. It’s just a super fun, couldn’t give a monkeys, hilarious show that in no way takes itself seriously.

Everything is on the table with Kenny as he tries to assert his presence in the town. Lots of drinking, lots of cocaine, lots of swearing and even a little topless jet skiing with the town skank. It’s mostly man-child humour but the gags are actually very satisfying and it doesn’t have the improvised joke style that Ferrell’s movies have.

The supporting cast don’t get to do much in the pilot episode but I think they’ll really grow into the roles especially since it’s been granted a second season.

This is definitely a keeper. Well done, Fox.

Emily Moulder

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