Ruth Watson’s Hotel Rescue Review: Guest House Tragidiso

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tv-stars-3hotel 300x210 RUTH WATSON’S HOTEL RESCUE: Wednesday 30th September, Channel 4, 8pm ALERT ME

In most home renovation shows, the experts are full of helpful advice for the novice homeowners and yet no-one seems to listen to a word they say.

Ruth Watson is one of those experts.

You might remember Ruth from The Hotel Inspector and now she’s back, helping first time hoteliers try not to fall flat on their faces.

This week Ruth tries to help Diana and Steve. Their kids have grown up and flown the nest and so Diana has decided to turn their home into the guest house.

Husband Steve however has no desire to run one. Sounds like the start of a wacky sitcom.

Diana and Steve have borrowed £100,000 in order to turn their home into a four star hotel but with Steve not wanting to get too involved, has Diana taken on too much of a challenge?

Ruth does have some good advice for the pair but it’s so obvious, anyone could tell them that storing heaps of crap in the hallway isn’t a good idea. Whatever expertise Ruth has she plays it closer to her vest than maybe she should.

The pair aim to get their home up to Four Star standard but can these first timers pull it off?

This show isn’t anything special but does take a look at something that is pertinent to the hotel industry during the economic crisis.
With more people staying in England for their holidays, guest houses are getting more and more bookings so it isn’t such a bad idea to start one.

Emily Moulder

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