Heroes Fighting A Losing Ratings Battle

September 30, 2009 by  
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Well it was good while it lasted. No, Heroes hasn’t been cancelled but we’re counting down the days until it is.

The super powered show has been steadily losing US ratings over its past few episodes and its 2-hour season premiere pulled in disappointing numbers.

Early viewing figures for last night’s episode that aired in America indicate that the fifth episode of the latest season pulled in a meager 5.82m viewers. While House managed to almost double that figure.

Congratulations Heroes creator Tim Kring, you’ve managed to loose your grip on what could have been one of the best shows ever. A tip of the hat to you, sir.

It looks like Heroes is on a slippery slope that leads to cancellation. After their convoluted plotlines and general craziness we think this has been a long time coming.

So now that Heroes has pretty much jumped the shark we’re start looking around for a replacement.

Luckily, Flashforward which pulled in 12.5 million viewers for their US premiere, will be there to cushion us when Heroes finally does get cancelled.