X Factor Roundup: Week 6 – Bootcamp

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week 6 300x210Yeah, Bootcamp baby!

We survived the auditions; the tears, the dead-relative stories, the pretenders, the shakers and the fakers.

And now the judges have got to whittle down the 200 that they’ve put through to bootcamp to just 24.

Our wannabes were told to perform a song with two other acts to see how they could work as a group and to make the culling process a bit quicker. They’re also put into different rooms and told whether it’s a yes or a no from the judges.

Let’s start with some good news. It Takes 2 and Just Du-et performed with Alesha who admitted that she chose two other singers that were awful to make herself look good. Clever girl. Simon admired her moxy and put her through but it was bye-bye for the deadbeat duos.

The cringe twins John and Edward performed Apologize with Miss Fitz and Sian Paley. The twins are super annoying with cartoonish hairstyles but unsurprisingly the luckless wonder Louis Walsh thinks they’ve got potential.

Despite their ‘talent’ they managed to sing over Sian and Miss Fitz and just make tits of themselves. Unfortunately Sian didn’t make the cut but the terrible twins and Miss Fitz went through to the next round.

The one who really impressed this week weas Nicole Lawrence, who finally proved herself to Simon, Rikki Lonie Lucie Jones and Nicole Jackson.

But the real winners of the weekend were 3 solo performers that sang so well together in the early stages of bootcamp that the judges asked them to form a group. Shar Alexander, Shaniece Davis, Graziella Affinita sang That’s Life in their own arrangement and wowed the judges.

Here’s what happened when the girls returned as Miss Frank and made another song totally their own.

Unfortunately there was one girl group who have had to leave the show. Tru Colourz had to be booted out after bootcamp as it was revealed that one of the girls was just 15. Better luck next year girls.

Well the judges made their decisions. Nails were bitten, sweat dripped and several trips to the loo were made as the contestants waited nervously for the judges to confirm or deny them a place in the finals. Here’s what happened when the judges found out which groups they’ve been given

When everyone in the yes rooms were told they took the opportunity to ambush the judges, we’re pretty sure Cheryl was violated in several ways.
But did you see Rachel falling on her face? Here it is in slo-mo.

Emily Moulder

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