How To Look Good Naked Review: Thank Gok

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HOW TO LOOK GOOD NAKED: Tuesday 29th September, Channel 4, 8pm ALERT ME

For a programme which is essentially nothing more than a gay man telling a middle-aged woman to get naked and cheer up, How To Look Good Naked has achieved some serious kudos in recent years.

Former fat-boy Gok Wan has travelled the country helping women – and some men – to feel more confident when they check themselves out, and the message is a simple one.

You look beautiful just the way you are (you just need to buy some new underwear).

In an age when self-image issues among women young and old are on the increase, this programme should be seen as a beacon of sensibility and positivity.

During this episode, Wan concentrates on the connection between mothers and daughters, and how bad body-image can be passed down through the generations.

Sixty-two year-old Margaret and her daughter Maria are a pair of women who shouldn’t really have any issues about what they see in the mirror. But both of them are beset by a misplaced negativity which Gok fears could be passed on to Maria’s young daughters.

In the usual fashion the camp host tears into their misgivings by carting massive posters of the scantily clad duo across the country and asking delirious locals whether they look good naked.

But that’s just the beginning, and it is genuinely amazing to see what a new haircut and some decent threads can do for a person’s self-confidence.

There’s not much new going on here, but the show remians incredibly relevant in an age when the idea of cosmetic surgery has become a throw-away term, and these messages are still a shot of much-needed positivity for the Heat generation.

As ever, we get an absolutely heart-warming finale when the rejuvenated ladies strut along the catwalk to the adulation of a massive audience.

God bless you Gok.

Sean Marland

If he keeps going like this Mr Wan could end up being one of TV’s Untouchables. They exist.