Ross Noble’s Australian Roadtrip Review: Motorbike Stand-Up

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“The emu – who came up with that as a concept?,? says Ross Noble as he tells an audience about a narrow escape he had earlier that day, “They’re simply giant feather dusters with suicide on their minds.?

Anyone who has been on the roads of rural Australia will tell him that emus really are the least of his troubles – it’s when you drive past the signs with camels on them that you have to start worrying.

But we don’t need to tell Ross this; after all he has a house in Oz. Well he did have until a pesky bushfire wiped it out along with all his earthly possessions – and a large part of Victoria.

Waiting for insurance companies to start processing paperwork can have advantages though, and the British stand-up comedian has decided to embark on an 85-date tour of the country on his motorbike.

Ross Noble is a pretty likeable guy and his weirdly kooky sense of humour is perfect for poking fun at the many foibles that Australian culture has to offer.

“You really do have some fantastic s**t at the side of your roads,? he tells one audience barely able to stifle his own mirth. “I just felt sorry for that poor bloke trying to hitch a lift opposite that massive lobster – I mean who is going to notice him??

It may or may not surprise people to learn that in recent years Noble has been popular in the Antipodes for many years, and when he ventures onto the street after a gig in Surfer’s Paradise he is soon mobbed by drunk fans.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,? he says as he retreats hastily.

There have been no little amount of shows like this one in recent years and from Jamie Oliver to Ewan McGregor, stars have been queuing up to broadcast their life-changing experiences.

For Ross Noble however, it all seems like a bit of a laugh – and he will certainly get plenty more before the end of his trip.

Sean Marland

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