Johnny Vegas Battles CBBC Zombie Puppets

September 28, 2009 by  
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Fat funnyman Johnny Vegas has got a job on CBBC and we have no idea how that happened.

And we don’t feel bad about calling him fat either; when you’ve had a show called 18 Stone Of Idiot, you’re asking for it.

Instead of battling the bulge, Vegas will battle puppets that have risen from the dead in his new kids show ‘Dead Puppets Society’.

From the creators of the Zig and Zag characters from The Big Breakfast Show, the show will be ‘off-the-wall’. God we hate that phrase. The concept is that Vegas will play a version of himself that has to balance his life in showbiz with a life that battles zombie puppets that rise from the grave.

Vegas has said, “The Double Z team have a great track record for puppet characters that are edgy, funny, and appeal to both children and adults alike.”

While the concept does sound like a lot of fun, we can’t honestly say that we would have picked Vegas for the job. Well we’ve got until 2011 to see if he’s been recast or not.