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tv-stars-2halflater 300x210HOLLYOAKS LATER – EPISODE 1: Monday 28th September, E4, 9pm ALERT ME

Although they’re beautiful and trendy, they’re mostly as dumb as a box of hair.

But the cast of Hollyoaks can usually be relied upon to provide post-watershed shenanigans in their Hollyoaks Later episodes.

Last time we had a nighttime encounter with the beautiful people of Chester we found ourselves in Scotland being attacked by a mentalist McQueen, Sarah and Zoe became lesbi-friends and Mercedes and Malachy got hitched in Ireland.

Unfortunately it looks like the writers buggered off and left this Later series for the caretaker to write
. It’s bog-standard and hardly qualifies as Later material.

Theresa and Michaela have gone to London to make their fortune, I mean, they’ve gone for a photo shoot and to see Theresa’s incarcerated mother.

Jacqui struggles with the idea of Tony marrying gold digging Cindy, whose frenemy Savannah turns up for the impending nuptials. Jacqui’s not the only one having trouble with the wedding as he isn’t convinced that Cindy is still just pretending to be in love with Tony.

Josh, Hannah and Rhys head off for a weekend of festival fun and soon hook up with the suspicious Imogen and Jamie who apparently have ‘targets to hit’.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the woods Steph, Fernando, Gilly, Sarah and Zoe are gearing up for a parachute jump but have apparently got to train themselves physically and mentally. However, after the last time Zoe went away with Sarah they got hot and heavy so Lydia, Sarah’s girlfriend, isn’t best pleased when she hears they’re spending the weekend together. Lydia gatecrashes and tries to prize Sarah away from Zoe.

She may as well have peed on Sarah she was marking her territory so hard.

It looks like Loopy Lydia could provide some good psychotic drama for this week’s adventure. But unfortunately the script leaves much to be desired and uses characters no one could care less about. Later episodes are supposed to showcase writing and directing talent but this episode is dull as dishwater.

Here’s hoping the rest of the week is better.

Emily Moulder

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